The Sigma Imperative, by Greg Dragon

Human/synth relations are suffering… And Dhata Mays is stepping in. Two years after stopping a wicked serial killer, former detective Dhata Mays is called in to investigate a kidnapping. After all, he’s the new “fixer” in town. But when Dhata discovers that there’s more at stake than a missing woman, he knows he’s up against an evil entity that might destroy everything. With help from his partners, Dhata uncovers a plot that not only involves genocide, but a brand new model of android. It’s the final hour and time is running out, but can Dhata Mays pull a hat trick, and bring an end to the synth crisis?

So, you got a fancy e-reader for Christmas, and are looking for great sci-fi to fill that precious storage… Use one of those Amazon gift cards you got and purchase Greg Dragon’s The Synth Crisis series. Personally, I think seven bucks for all the books is a steal. (For those of you that rock the dead tree versions, $36 is nothing to energize your reading.) Greg’s past experience as a relationship blogger shines through with realistic depictions of character interactions, especially when examining xenophobia, substance abuse, and the lengths someone will go to protect what’s important to them.

I’ve worked with Greg in the past on fiction collaborations, and it was his action-packed writing with flawed protagonists who present as real people that attracted me to his writing. From space opera to futuristic urban mystery to fantasy, there doesn’t seem to be a genre or topic that Greg is unable to tackle. Whether it be futuristic Tampa, Florida; a spaceship on a mining mission; galaxy-hopping soldiers; or an urban gangster getting what’s his, Greg Dragon writes it all. (And to be perfectly honest, I’m a little envious of his writing chops.)

After two paragraphs, I haven’t even talked about The Sigma Imperative. (Which like The Unsung Frame, and The Judas Cypher, the meaning behind the title is revealed in the last third of the book.) This is because I don’t need to. Anyone who has read the first two books in the series already know that the third book is going to be awesome. Anyone who has read Greg’s other works, but hasn’t read The Synth Crisis, knows that they’ll enjoy it.

Like books one and two, I devoured The Sigma Imperative in quick order. Greg continues the five-star writing, and I dare say that The Sigma Imperative (and the first two books) is a Netflix original series just waiting to happen. I can easily see each book being a limited-run series. Go order it, and the rest of Greg Dragon’s work. You will not be disappointed.


Greg Dragon has been a creative writer for several years, and has authored on topics of relationship, finance, physical fitness and more through different sources of media. In particular, his online magazine has been a source of much pragmatic information, which has been helpful to many. As a result, his work continues to grow with a large and loyal fan base.


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