Books I’ve read in 2017

Another year, another hundred books. Well, 102 books for 2017. I was super busy as a writer this year, and I was concerned that I wouldn’t make it. I probably felt the same way at the end of 2016, but for some reason, I never blogged about it. The 2016 image is on the blog, but I never posted it. The 2015 list is here, and since I only started keeping track the summer of 2014, there wasn’t a complete list that year or before. I think 2017 resulted in about eleven or twelve DNFs, and at least one, is still on my reading list.

Highlights from 2017? I discovered Felix R. Savage in 2016, and read five of his books that year. I read four of his this year. Other stand-outs were Lola, by Melissa Scrivener; Paradox Bound, by Peter Clines; The Time Salvager Series, by Wesley Chu; The Factory, by Greg Dragon; Realm FM, by Tyrolin Puxty; More of Me, by Kathryn Evans; Mansions of Karma, by Ruth White; and The Shadow series, by Lila Bowen. There were a lot of five star reads in 2017, and to browse my list, check out my blog, or Goodreads.

About 20% of my reads featured LGBT themes or characters, 5% were superhero stories, 5% were not sci-fi, and less than 50% were written by straight white dudes. There were a handful that I wanted to read, but for some reason couldn’t. Most of those will be in my 2018 reading pile. So, here’s looking at another 100 books to read in the new year!

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