Day Killer, by Clara Coulson

Cal has spent the past three months recovering from his injuries in the wake of the violent scandal that nearly tore DSI apart. Now back in Aurora after a stint in physical therapy, Cal’s trying to get his life back on track, his mind back in shape, and his attitude back in check before he returns to active duty in a few weeks’ time. But when a mysterious vampire shows up half dead at Cal’s apartment, and an old rival warns him that the dangerous Black Knights are plotting a major attack against Aurora, Cal finds himself caught in the middle of an off-the-books case that has the potential to end his career—and his life. With enemies closing in from all sides, and his DSI colleagues left in the dark, Cal has no choice but to trust his instincts, a vampire he just met, and the very man whose savage attack traumatized him forever. Because if he doesn’t, Aurora will fall, and millions of innocents will fall with it.

I knew Day Killer would be awesome. I have yet to read a Clara Coulson City of Crows novel that I didn’t like. I did like that Cal is almost solo in this adventure. I like Erica and Cooper, but it was fun to see Cal do his thing. With the DSI taking a back seat to this adventure, Day Killer is all Cal all the time.

Without spoiling anything, I’m looking forward to reading Cal to be awesome in book six. There has been this rather annoying self-deprecating angle to Cal that while it works as a character flaw, just grates on the nerves. Since the timeline of the books is compressed, it seems as if Cal has been with the DSI a lot longer, and I keep forgetting that he’s the baby crow.

Book five wraps up the main story nicely, teases a little something something about Cooper, and sets up a new world of Cal. I think I liked Day Killer more so than Doom Sayer, and am looking forward to reading Spell Caster this summer. I’m gonna say that this one is the best of the bunch, and five stars is the only rating possible.

Clara Coulson was born and raised in backwoods Virginia, USA. Currently in her mid-twenties, Clara holds a degree in English and Finance from the College of William & Mary and recently retired from the hustle and bustle of Washington, DC to return to the homeland and pick up the quiet writing life. Clara spends most of her time (when she’s not writing) dreaming up new story ideas, studying Japanese, and slowly reading through the several-hundred-book backlog on her budding home library. If she’s not occupied with any of those things, then you can probably find her playing with her two cats or lurking in the shadows of various social media websites. In the publishing sphere, Clara is currently occupied with the City of Crows urban fantasy series, and its companion series, Lark Nation.


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