2018 Phoenix Comic Fest

I’ve been slacking a little bit lately. There’s an Italian translation of Warmache that needs review and approval along with English audiobooks for Brass Automaton and Days Until Home. I’ll definitely have all those projects completed and ready for sale for my appearances at the Payson Book Festival and Fandomania July 21st and 28th.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter already know the reason for my slacking: I’ll be at Phoenix Comic Fest (formerly Phoenix Comicon) for Memorial Day weekend! I’ll be with Florida-based celebrity bookstore Bard’s Tower in the lower level exhibitor’s hall just inside the doors to hall six at booth 1566/1568. Here are the other great authors that I’ll be sharing the booth with:

Jody Lynn Nye
Mercedes Lackey
L.E. Modesitt
Melinda Snodgrass
Larry Dixon
Alan Dean Foster
D.J. Butler
Brian Lee Durfee
Christopher Husberg
Kevin Ikenberry
Amity Green
Kuta Marler


I’ll be doing a panel on writing accurate military in scifi called “Marching Orders.” It’ll be at 1:30PM on Friday in the north building, room 126C next to the food court and stairwell. Fellow veteran and booth dweller Kevin Ikenberry will be with me on that panel, along with Sylvain Neuvel, John Scalzi, and Melinda Snodgrass.

Like last year, I’ll be at the “Drinks with Authors” event in the North Ballroom Friday at 8pm. This is a Phoenix Comic Fest “Signature Event,” so the entry fee is $10, only adults 18+ will be admitted, and the event supports Kids Need To Read. The photo here is from the 2017 event.

Other than those events, I should pretty much be at the Bard’s Tower booth. I’ll be playing in a couple Magic: the Gathering tournaments on Friday and Saturday. Depending on how well I play, I could be gone a few hours then, plus, I gotta get Peter Clines to sign my hardcovers and visit a few other authors here and there. It’ll be a fun respite from the daily grind, and I’m super stoked to be there.

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4 responses to “2018 Phoenix Comic Fest

  • Linda

    Have you decided yet if you’ll be at the Tampa one?

    • Mark Gardner

      I’m open to attending as a guest, but I would have to be a guest of either Tampa Bay Con, or sponsored by someone like Bard’s Tower. An appearance at an event like this runs about a thousand dollars for just hotel , convention access, and product. Add on airfare, meals, (most events have a green room, and hotels have a breakfast), and a stipend for the author (you often end up missing an entire week of the day job), and a single 3-day appearance can run about $2000. I’m popular here in Arizona, and get invited to many Arizona events, but my popularity isn’t sufficient enough for other events to invite, or even know about me. The future is bright though, so maybe a visit to Tampa Bay Con could happen down the road.


    got to meet you at phx comic fest saturday and bought your last copy of score of silence, couldnt put the book down, took day and half to read it and shared it with my sons girlfriend(both were there with me) whos reading it next, cant wait for lady by the window next year…great to meet you and thanks for the book

    • Mark Gardner

      I’m glad we got the opportunity to connect at Phoenix Comic Fest this last weekend. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my debut murder mystery, and I look forward to reading your Amazon review. Keep reading, and I hope to see you at an event in the future. -Mark

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