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Brass Automaton is now live!

Brass Automaton

Novella – 29,000 words – approx. 164 pages.

13.99 Print editions:
Createspace – 5×8

2.99 Digital editions:
Barnes and Noble
24 Symbols

Terminator meets Snow White in a steampunk adventure through time.

“This story happened when His Majesty was still a young man, a huntsman to be precise. It is the tale of a clockwork machine from the future, with a mission to terminate His Majesty to prevent him from meeting his future queen.” Jarvis paused for effect. “Then, she was known only as Snow White.”

Click for blog posts about Brass Automaton, or read the original unedited web serial here:

Days Until Home Paperback


Hey Days Until Home fans! For those of you who would like a dead tree version of the web serial, head over here:
If you use the following code: E4EUKEVT we’ll knock the price down to our cost ($6.95.) We’re working on getting this ready for a proper release in 2017. When that happens, this special edition will no longer be available.

Free book promotion


Hey everybody! Patty Jansen is running another one of her marvelous promotions, and I’m participating. All my electronic books are either free or 99 cents today and tomorrow. There are a bunch of other free and discounted books available at Patty’s promotional site:
The discounted prices for my books are only on Amazon. Click on the promo link for a bunch or stories from some great authors, and click on the works link for amazon links to all my works. Get them and enjoy!

Score of Silence on Inkitt


Hello everybody! My murder mystery, Score of Silence, is done with the next draft. I was thinking of making available to the first 100 readers over at Inkitt to get some beta readers. It’s one of those crowd-sourced publishing things. They’ll consider doing something with the story if I get 100 beta readers to download the story. So be a pal and if you know of someone interested in beta reading, help spread the word:

Historical Fiction Promotion


I’m participating in an historical fiction promo this weekend. Since most of you have picked up Nala’s Story when it was free, here’s a chance to pick up Champion Standing for only 99 cents. There are also a few great other HF stories you should pick up during this promotion. Here’s the official announcement:

Welcome to our First Historical Fiction Promotion

For our first promotion aimed at allowing readers to discover the incredible variety of work and the excellent authors who write historical fiction, we have put together fourteen wonderful books for the excellent value price of 99cents each.

I’ve done a rough calculation based on the average regular price of these eBooks, and if you were to purchase all of these, while on special this weekend, they will cost under $14. for close to $42 – $49. value of historical fiction books.

Here is where to get your promotion priced, historical fiction books.

Amazon Historical Fiction Promo

I run this monthly promo on behalf of independent historical fiction authors. They are not required to pay to take part. Will you also assist us with this first promotion by sharing the news of our historical fiction promo weekend to your friends and social media contacts?

Happy reading!
Cheers, Ryn Shell

Days Until Home – Vote Now!


Chapters to go: 06

Hey, Days Until Home fans! You already know that chapter fifteen came out last Wednesday. For those of you who remember, that’s where you guys start voting on which of us writers gets to write the “official” villains of the story. The story, as of my chapter 15, is 66k words. We’ve only got six chapters left, and we’re expecting to have another 20k or so to tell the rest of the story. You need to tell us who the villains are, though. Tell us through your vote.

Who do you think sabotaged the Kerwood? The Miners, written by David Kristoph are Viktor, Jimmy, Siebert, Jessica, and others. The Bridge Crew, written by Greg Dragon are Hayes, Femke, Gauge, Bianconi, and others. The Engineers, written by Mark Gardner are Jeremy, Adelaide, Erika, and others. Sound out in the poll below and in the comments on any of the chapters. Maybe you can convince other readers to vote your way.

While you’re at it, Please Vote each week for Days until Home on TopWebFiction.

Nala’s Story still free through today.

Hey peeps, Nala’s Story is still free through today on Amazon: (June 7th)

It’s a Historical fiction novella (15k words) with light romance. I’m hoping to get up to 20 reviews on Amazon, so I hope you all can help me.

They don’t need to all be 5-star reviews either, I’m looking for honest reviews. It should only take you about 2 hours to read the whole thing, so I hope you’ll be willing to help me get to 20 reviews.


Ultimate Ending Giveaway Results!

The winners are:
Twitter: Nancy Plain (@NancyPlainBooks)
Facebook: Anil Kapur (anil.kapur)
Mailing List: Henry Gale
David and Danny will be contacting you to get your book to you!

Ultimate Ending Giveaway


Hello all! I mentioned in my review of the first six Ultimate Ending books, that I like books 1, 2 & 5 the most, so the authors, David Kristoph, and Danny McAleese, are giving away one of each of those books. They’ll be autographed, and this contest is only available to United States postal addresses. The winners will be tallied on Saturday April 23rd, and announced the following day.

Here’s how to get up to three entries:
Follow @UltimateEnding on Twitter.
Follow Ultimate Ending Books on Facebook.
Join the Ultimate Ending email list.

16Sunsets on NetGalley

Hello, all you NetGalley members! During the month of April, 16Sunsets will be available on NetGalley: Be sure to add it to your shelf so you can read it for free!