Champion Standing


50,000 words approx. 250 pages.

24.99 Hardcover Edition:
Autographed Hardcover

14.99 Paperback Editions:
Amazon – 6×9
Autographed 5×8 Paperback

4.99 Digital Editions:
Special edition direct from the author
Barnes and Noble
Page Foundry

One man struggles to live honorably in a world filled by men without honor.

Disgraced Chinese warrior, Liao, is a mercenary for the Kingdom of Kush. In an unprecedented decision, the Chancellor of the Han Dynasty has permitted Liao to fight in a tournament against the best warriors the empire has to offer. His presence in the epic event could restore Liao’s honor.

Liao’s foes claim he has no place in the prestigious tournament. Some want his defeat in the arena, while others wish him dead by any means necessary. If Liao hopes to triumph, he must evade assassination attempts, best other competitors, and expose the plots of a Roman general bent on disrupting the tournament and plunging the Han Dynasty into a civil war.

Champion Standing is a fantasy novel blending non-stop action and memorable characters in a tale of betrayal and redemption.

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Alternate Covers

ChampionStanding-Front300dpi ChampionStanding-6x9 Champion-Standing6x9-Digital

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