ABC Children’s Book Series

From the author, Erika Gardner:

People have been telling me for years that I should write a children’s book, and I finally decided to give it a shot. My 3 children loved having stories read to them when they were small, and though many of the books they loved were great and fun to read, there were always some that left me shaking my head and hoping I wouldn’t have to re-read them very often. I am a big fan of children’s books that rhyme. I love reading books that are entertaining and can be read with a fun rhythm. Colorful and cute pictures are also important. I am writing books that I wouldn’t mind reading over, and over, and over…which hopefully will be the case. I decided to have these first 3 books each have titles with ABC in them, partially because then I could have a book for each of my amazing children and also because I liked the ABC concept. I got really lucky that my husband was able to find an absolutely incredible illustrator to create the pictures for my books. I am SO EXCITED to see the finished products. It’s like the artist saw right into my mind and drew exactly what I wanted. This is a really fun undertaking for me and I hope to continue beyond the initial 3 ABC books, with holiday books and then whatever pops into my crazy mind after that.

Each book contains 11 ABAB rhymes, and 11 illustrations by A. Rudolph. The last illustration is a black and white line drawing that your child can color. Respond to the page here in the comments and email a photo of your child’s drawing to, and we’ll add your photo to your post for the world to see. By emailing your child’s drawing, you grant us the necessary permission to display it on this blog, and if we ever do a special edition that includes your art, you agree to allow us to include it royalty free.

Aubrey's Beautiful Crown Alyssa's Blank Canvas Anthony's Blue Crayon

Aubrey’s Beautiful Crown:

Alyssa’s Blank Canvas:

Anthony’s Blue Crayon:

The Complete ABC Trio (hardcover):
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The Complete ABC Trio (digital):
January 1st, 2019

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