Indie Services

My secret, invitation-only indie services page.

So hey, I’ve formatted several paperbacks and ebooks for other indie authors. I won’t “out” them, but if you’ve found your way here, then it’s likely that you were referred to me by someone who had me do their stuff, so brandishing a portfolio isn’t something that’s necessary. I also do typography for covers, and am knowledgable about indie publishing, as well as small press and traditional.

I’m a broadcasting professional, and specialize in remote radio, podcast, and graphic design. Audiobooks, audio editing/setup, and podcast advice are right up my alley since I do them all every weekday as part of my day job. I’m also a voice actor, but mostly in commercials. I’m great at giving unsolicited advice, as all humans are known to do. Some of my advice is awesome, some of it is dubious, but I do do the comicon circuit, and have appeared on radio, television, and in movies.

I have practical experience as a computer and networking tech. I have a degree and about twenty years in the IT trenches. I’ve done everything from large corporate roll-out, to consumer repair. I’ve designed and maintained websites with millions of visitors. I was a low-level hacker in the 1990s. Some have utilized my Navy experiences to ensure that their story is realistic if it features military or naval terminology for space ships. I’ve even served as a consultant on a movie once.

Most people find me through kBoards. I firmly believe that we indies are colleagues, not competitors. As for pricing of my services, I usually charge what someone thinks my services are worth, or what they can afford. I’m not trying to make a living formatting manuscripts, or adding typography to book covers, but it puts a few more dollars into the fund I use to pay for my own indie publishing, and appearances at cons and festivals and stuff.

I really do have you pay what you can afford, but here are some guidelines for professional services:

A fair price for formatting a single version of a book is about $100. Additional formats should only be around $50 each. Since all electronic versions are basically the same, $150 is about what you should expect for a PDF for CS/KDP/IS, and both popular ebook formats. My formatting is nothing fancy, but they do look professional. You can check out the interiors of my books on Amazon for an idea on what to expect.

As for formatting covers for paperbacks and hardcovers, $100 should cover adapting your existing art to the CS or IS templates as long as no advanced image editing is needed like cloning the edge of an ebook cover to make a wrap around or spine treatment.

Adding custom cover typography to existing art isn’t terribly complicated, just time consuming. $50 is a solid price for that.

Minus custom cover typography, a package to format the covers and interiors of paperback, hardcover, mobi, and ePub should be about $250.

I do do cover design via photo manipulation, but I’m not what I’d consider a professional. I’ve done some covers that have turned out wonderful, but I’m not good enough to charge for it. I can look at a proposed cover and see what I don’t like about it, but for in-depth critiquing of covers is something best left to the denizens of kBoards.

I’ve beta read for a select few authors in the past, but I’m super lazy when it comes to that, and sometimes an asshole. I’ve also read books and noted punctuation, grammar, or formatting issues, but I’m not a good replacement for a professional editor or proofreader.

So that’s the skinny. I also review books, and my review policy isn’t a secret.