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Last Day to ‘Escape’ for Free


These are the last few hours to pick up Escape for free. Right now I’ve got about 85 or so downloads. If ten percent of those downloads lead to reviews, then I’ll be happy.

Escape Working the Charts


Escape is bouncing all over the charts during this free period. Spread the word via Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere. I’m hoping to get some reviews following this free period. And hey, some easy reading material for Labor Day Monday. Even if you’ve read and reviewed a pre-release copy, go ahead and pick it up for free this weekend so your review gets the “verified purchase” tag on Amazon. Thanks, peeps!

Escape Free for Holiday Weekend


A publisher is interested in Escape and possibly the sequel I haven’t written yet. I know, squee! Looking at the U.S. Amazon store, I only have two reviews (Thanks Heather and Adan!) I’m making Escape free Saturday through Monday for the Labor Day weekend. Even if you received a preview copy, you should get it again so your reviews are “Verified.” Please spread the word: free short story and please leave an honest review. Here’s the Amazon link:

Escape Reviewed

I'm a Dumbass-1

Subtitle: I’m a dumbass.

I was scanning my blog feed and saw a review of Escape. Two very talented ladies with very similar blog subtitles have reviewed two of my short stories in the same week. So I hit the “reblog” button and typed up a few words.

Heartbeat 1… 2… Oh crap. I thanked the wrong talented lady.

Of course, I immediately corrected the text on my blog, but the reblog feed-thing had already broadcast my egregious error to the blogosphere, nay, the world. Kate Loveton must also follow me because she commented on my reblog on Heather’s site advising me of my erroneous attribution. I replied to her comment and further made an ass of myself by typing that she had reviewed another book this morning. She didn’t, but she did submit her week 30 response to Thain in Vain. And I commented on Kate’s blog, liking her story! I sent Heather an email apologizing for being absent-mended. I want to properly reblog since I think that has something to do with ranking and traffic or something. I guess I can fact check this post before making any more of a fool of myself.

You should spend some time today reading Kate Loveton’s blog at http://kateloveton.wordpress.com and Heather B. Costa’s blog at http://heatherbcosta.wordpress.com

While you’re at it, be sure to like, follow and reblog these talented ladies to get them more exposure.

Escape Now Available


Lots going on today. Escape is now live. It’s an Amazon exclusive and those of you with Prime or Kindle Unlimited can read it for free. It takes a little while for it to be available everywhere.

In other news, Kate Loveton reviewed Paradox on her blog with a mini interview. It’s not a hard story to follow and Kate’s response is exactly what I intended. Now, I just need her to copy/paste the review to Amazon.

Final Kickstarter Week!


No new backers in the last seven days. ::sad panda:: We need to drive the last $425 home in this, the last week of the campaign. I’m making Paradox free on Amazon for the last five days of the campaign, so look for it July 9th through the 13th. My next short story, Escape, will be out Saturday, July 26th. Once the project is funded, all backers at any reward threshold will have the option to receive an advance eBook of Escape free of charge.

I can’t stress it enough: If the $1000 funding goal isn’t met, the campaign fails and no money changes hands. Also, it’s not a donation; you’re pledging and will receive the reward matching your pledge threshold. Let’s get the word out and finish this goal with time to spare.

#FFC52 Prompt 25


It looks as if this is my 200th post. Yay! Here is my entry for the 25th prompt of TiV’s #FFC52 at 496 words:

“This sentence is not typical of a capital case. I have no benefit of a jury on verdict or sentencing. Therefore this court – I – will determine your fate.

“This court is tasked with delivering justice to you and your victims. But, justice is different for everybody. Death is undoubtedly justified for you. Your crimes are great in scope and vulgarity. There isn’t a chance you can be rehabilitated. You will undoubtedly continue to sow seeds of revolution and lies – even from prison.

“But is a death sentence justified? Can this court martyr you? Does your martyrdom truly give your victims’ families justice? These are the questions I must consider.”

The judge sighed and looked out the window of the courthouse. She didn’t speak for three minutes. The courtroom was deathly silent. Even the steady thrum of the air conditioning seemed to defer to the judge.

The Judge leaned forward and peered the twenty feet from her dais to the Defendant’s table. “Does the defendant have anything to say, at this time, as to why the sentence should not be pronounced?”

Zachary turned his head slightly to his lawyer. He was shackled, with a leather strap covering his mouth, chin and neck. The courtroom had to be fitted with large steel ringlets. They were buried into the concrete and a steel plate covered the seams. He was shackled with round steel covering his hands up to the elbows. His ankles were merely bound with simple steel cuffs, but they were all secured with steel chain, taut and immobilizing. A steel cage enclosed Zachary and small tracks allowed him to be rolled into the court. Yet more chains attached to the cage and to the floor to prevent it from moving as well. Finally, a guard with a shotgun trained on the cage stood at the ready in case the copious amount of steel failed to dissuade Zachary.

Zachary’s lawyer stood and addressed the judge. “Your Honor. I ask you to consider the complicated nature of my client’s crimes. He’s obviously mentally ill. I ask you, is there justice in sentencing a mentally ill person to death?”

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The Kickstarter campaign for Champion Standing starts now! Remember, you’re pledging, not donating. If you meet any of the reward thresholds, you will get that reward. Spread the word – If I don’t reach the $1000 goal, I get nothing and the campaign fails.

I mentioned this on Saturday: Escape is pretty much done. I’ll agonize over it for a little while and release it in July at the earliest, August at the latest.

Paradox is free June 13th – 17th on Amazon. I could use some reviews, people!

In other news, fellow author and RPG designer, Todd Van Hooser owns the copyright on some beautiful line art by Joel Cotejar. I wanted it for the cover of Champion Rising. Todd gave his blessing, so I’ve created a rough cover concept for Champion Rising:


Escape Prologue


Chuck is doing a first line contest, so I submitted my entry in the comments of his blog post. Escape is scheduled to be out this fall. A few drafts have happened and it has been out to beta readers. I collaborated with another author on this prologue. He and I also talked about this story while I was writing it, so he has had some input on the direction. The current revision is a little bit over nine thousand words, and this prologue is about 750 words. Since I’ll start my hardcore writing and revisions on Escape an about two months, I figured I would share this early draft of the prologue:


My shackled feet made clinking sounds as the chains rattled. I did not know exactly where they were taking me, but I knew what I would find at the end of the short journey. I was prepared. I kept telling myself that, but I would be lying if I said that there wasn’t a part of me that was still afraid.The two guards flanking me marched me into a small side room, their shiny, smart boots thundering echoes off the walls. They sat me down forcibly into a small chair, but not too forcibly. They knew my reputation, and were afraid. As they should be.

A man wearing a non-descript suit and hair to match sat down at the other end of the metal table. I could see the look of fear he gave me when he looked into my eyes. The sound of his gulp was audible, and I laughed. Once. Who was this man, and what was with this unimportant side trip?

“Well…” The man said, opening a manila folder. It was thick with the record of my exploits. “It seems you’ve been a busy man, Zachary… I don’t believe any of us know your last name…”

“Nor will you,” I replied, my voice flat. What in the name of Saturn did this man want from me?

“So be it,” the man said with a forced smile. “My name is John Smith.”

I snorted in amusement. It seemed the irony never stopped.

“Is there something funny, Zachary?”

“Do I scare you, John?”

“What? No!”

“You don’t sound so convinced. You needn’t be frightened. Do with me what you will… I will not fight you. Not anymore…” I slouched at ease in my seat.

John Smith seemed confused, but shook his head and continued. “Fine.”

He took out a voice-recorder and placed it on the table.

“I already gave you my confession,” I explained, more than a little annoyed. “I dislike repeating myself.”

John shook his head and smiled. “I’m not with the police. I’m a reporter. I want your story.”

“My story?” I said in wry amusement. “Why would you want that?”

“There has never been a criminal like you. Your crimes are indescribable in their brutality and scope. You are a terrorist the likes of which this world has never seen. No one knows what your aims are. Who are you? Why did you do all the things you did? And why did you just give yourself up without a fight?” the reporter said, visibly animated by his enthusiasm. “I want to know your story, Zack. Everything. Please. I need this. The world needs this!”

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Forlorn Hope Available Wednesday!

Forlorn Hope

I’ve not posted since before Christmas. Chuck didn’t do a flash fiction challenge last Friday and I’ve been busy with the holiday rush.

Forlorn Hope goes live on Wednesday. I’ll push it along the distribution chain tomorrow after I get home from work. It may populate early a few places and others depending on time zone.

Champion Standing is out to six beta readers. I asked them to have it back by the last week of January. Then I’ll start the second revision. I’ve discussed artwork for it with a local artist and hope to have something to show you all when rev2 starts.

Escape is still hanging around. Its hard to get beta readers for that one due to the violence.

I’ve been kicking around more in the sugar zombie world. I’m trying to get permission for the contributors on “Apocalyptic Bounty Hunter” to continue on it and integrate it with Welcome Home and Strawberry Roulette.

Other than that, classes start next week, so you know the drill: fewer posts.