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Chuck’s flash fiction challenge this week is “200 words at a time.” I came in at 205 words:


“I took control of this broadcasting site for one reason and one reason only.”

“What is that reason, Madison?”

“So the people can see and hear the truth.”

 “Truth? You mean what you have convinced yourself of.”
I laughed, “That’s the problem with you people. You wouldn’t know the truth if it landed on your shoulder and soiled your pretty suit.”
He smirked and opened his mouth to tell more of the lies they had been saying about my brother for years. I wouldn’t tolerate any more lies. My family and I suffered too much already and this would be my final act of defiance. I chambered a round and that unmistakable sound echoed in my ears. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard that sound, but I suspect it will be one of the last. The government lackey clamped his mouth shut when he heard the sound. He motioned toward a seat in front of the camera. I placed the weapon across my knees and spoke when pointed towards me.
“My name is Madison. You all know the stories about my brother. Even though this story will likely end with my death, you have the right to hear it from the beginning.”


Body Rentals 2nd edition is now live at Amazon and Createspace. Kobo and B&N should be updated by the end of the week. Apple always takes the longest. I figured I would make Paradox free for the days surrounding my birthday. Get it on November 17th through the 19th.
I sat down tonight and went through suggestions and edits from one of my Forlorn Hope beta readers. I added a few hundred words here and there. I’ll work on it until turkey day. Then it will see a few beta reads through the Winter Solstice. Then the last week of December it’ll distribute through the various channels to be available the first week of January 2014.
Escape is still scheduled for summer 2014. My summer writing will be the coffee punk / scarlet bade / wtf / ??? story. The tentative idea is to do four disparate stories about 5,000 words or so and then a big shake up and they all intertwine for another 20,000 words. wtf will need to be rewritten – obviously the twist at the end won’t work in the novel. I’m going to continue working on Welcome Home as the flash fiction challenges allow. You will all get to see the vomit draft and participate in its creation.

I’ve talked with Robert Sadler, my coconspirator in the cooperative cliffhanger. He has his own writing going on, but he wants to continue collaborating on My Son. He expressed enthusiasm (as I do) in trading off chapters and building on each other’s work.  No schedule has been set there, just two busy writers wanting to write.

That takes me through the end of 2014. I still want to write another Body Rentals story. You all saw a teaser for a flash fiction challenge. The Paradox sequel has been discussed and a general narrative exists. Escape always had another story to tell as well. These might be the stories I write in 2015. Eighteen months is pretty far away, so who knows.

Cover Reveal

Psst… Hey you. Yeah you. Check this out:


Damon just sent me the latest Escape cover. Whatcha think?

Escape, Summer 2014

Escape is moving along. This is the story I was apprehensive about publishing. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone. It’s also an experimental writing style. I’ve also collaborated with another author for parts of it. Escape will be around ten thousand words. The image below is a placeholder image. The final art is still a ways away. Take a look. Click on it for a larger view.


Body Rentals is pretty poopy! I’ve been in Paradox mode for awhile now. It was finally time to fix Body Rentals. I got the manuscript back from Jennifer and she identified over five-hundred edits! I looked through it and saw another hundred or so that weren’t specifically numbered by track changes. I’ve been editing Body Rentals all week. The plan is to release a second edition with the new edits and redo the headers and formatting with the font I had originally intended for chapter titles. It should be out during the month of November. After that, it’s all about Forlorn Hope.
I expect Escape to be out summer 2014. Perhaps 2014 will see the second Paradox book. I’ll spend the entire summer working on the novel to be released in 2015. I’m too lazy to look at past posts to see if I let you guys know this, but I’m using the Coffee Punk flash fiction and a few other flash fiction snippets to create this novel. I’m referring to it as Coffee Punk, but the actual name is to be determined.

Cooperative Cliffhanger – Part One

That day began like so many others in my youth. We lived in a poor town with poor people. It was quite the ordeal to gather food since my mother died. She had a knack for getting the things we needed. My father often argued with her when she brought home armfuls of food, but she always insisted she had to do what was needed to keep our family fed. More times than I can count, they went to bed arguing and yelling. When I was younger, I would cry myself to sleep hearing them fight. I was older that day and mother was no longer with us. I look back to those frightening nights – they were scary, but at least the comforting embrace was only a room away.

I had two older brothers and a sister. Kaleb was thirteen and Finn was sixteen. My sister, Madison, was eighteen, making me the youngest at ten years old.

My father did odd jobs – repairing furniture or digging projects. He had broad, muscular shoulders, but they seemed to sag after each day of work. He’d come home, demand dinner from the three of us, and fall asleep in a ragged chair in his bedroom. When mother was alive, that room was sunny and welcoming when they weren’t fighting. Now it’s empty of warmth like that cold December morning.

Like everyone else in my town we all wore threadbare clothes. Madison was quite the tailor, keeping our clothes more or less whole. We were all thin and hungry – not Madison; she managed to fill her clothes while the rest of us merely hung clothing on our frames like freshly washed linens drying on a clothesline. I never knew why father allowed her to select her food before anyone else. The rest of us always seemed so hungry. Our faces were sunken and our frames are wiry and thin. Madison was still thin, but I suspect she rarely went to sleep hungry. Sometimes I hated her for it; mostly I hated my father for favoring her above the rest of us. I’d never forgive his inability to protect mother before she died.

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Beyond Forlorn Hope

I mentioned in another post I was working on a short story based on a flash fiction challenge I did. Well the project has been progressing. It looks as if it will be around 6,000 words. The plan is to do part two at another 6,000 words. I have a very rough idea about part two, but did extensive outlining for part one. I also outlined the dystopian story that was originally supposed to follow Forlorn Hope, but I discovered something: I hate writing a story I’ve outlined.
I lost interest with Escape (Not the actual title, or even the working title, but I need to refer to it somehow.) I was totally pumped about the three scenes I’ve mentioned before. I had difficulty writing the rest. Fortunately, two or three chapters managed to write themselves, but two of them were like pulling teeth. I assumed since it was my first attempt at writing in the first person perspective and since the story itself was pretty much a series or escalating dares, It had somehow become ‘not my project.’
When I started outlining Truth Be Told (also not the title) I discovered it was the outline that I didn’t like. I felt constrained. It became a writing assignment. I’ve been attending classes nonstop since Spring 2009. Four and a half years later, I have done hundreds of writing assignments. I’ve hated each and every one of them. I’ve done well, but they were all agonizing. I suspect the outline shifts my mindset from writing for fun to get a story out there to a structured writing assignment. Go figure.
Everything up to and including Forlorn Hope has been a stream of consciousness style of writing. It ended up with massive rewrites and the insertion of earlier text to foreshadow and validate later plot points. I thought outlining would require less of those rewrites. It only made me hate writing.
Part One of Truth Be Told is about sixty percent complete despite the outline. I plan on finishing Escape, but I will be completely deleting the outline. I’ve also deleted the outlines for parts one and two for Truth Be Told.
I’m now outline free and it feels so good.


I love the monsoon season. As I write this, I am sitting on my patio satiated from a mini-picnic I just had with the family. I enjoy sitting out and smelling the rain.
I sent off copies of my latest novelette to a few unpublished authors I know. The two of them have offered to collaborate on finishing the story. I’ve also sent a copy of it to a local artist so he can do some line artwork for the cover.
Well like all weather in Arizona, the rain has petered out, so I’m gonna end this post and go inside to attempt to get 100% completion on Skylanders:Giants.

iCloud Beta

I finished the main story and epilogue of my untitled novelette today. I liked writing about three scenes, and another two or three managed to turn out pretty good. The rest were very difficult to write. I’m finding it hard to work on the story at all. What should’ve taken me only two weeks to write dragged on for almost five. Perhaps I’ll find another author to collaborate with on that one.
I’ve been using iCloud beta on my MacBook Air. I still have to use Pages on my iPad since I can’t get the beta site to load. It’s a shame my iPad is a 1st gen – I won’t get to use the new versions of iWork.
I’ve been doing revisions on Forlorn Hope  and decided to name an unnamed character Wilkins as an inside joke. I have been promised another beta read in two weeks.

Target Acquired

I’ve mentioned I’m writing another story. It’s different because I’m writing it from first-person past tense limited perspective. I’ve also accepted a dare and not only written the whole thing out of order, but it is an extremely violent story. Originally the concept was a sequel to Forlorn Hope, but it has taken on a life of it’s own. I normally write a novella and a pair of short stories during the summer, but this new story is already around 6,000 words. The main story will likely finish over 10,000 with the prologue, interludes and epilogue making it between 12,000 and 15,000 words.

The same event I attended where this new story became full fledged, I also decided how to finish the story I shelved in order to work on Forlorn Hope. I already had about 5,000 words written when I was unsure if it was going to be a sequel to Body Rentals. A moderate rewrite is needed to bring it into the new outline. I’m also gonna write it from a first person perspective. It only makes sense to do so based on the direction of the story. 

I hope it doesn’t get much larger than 10,000 words, but we will see. It looks like summer 2013 will produce a novella and two novelettes. Classes start on 2013-07-30 so that gives me only four weeks to finish both stories.