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Future Imperfect


Erika and I binge-watched ‘Hostages’ on Netflix. I’ve never done fan fiction before. I ‘m a professional writer, but to say I’m a fanfic writer or even a fan is really a misnomer. The show had a family taken hostage by a bad guy which Erika likes, and it had a lot of political intrigue that I like. The series had a lot of plot holes and the story twisted more than was necessary, but I’d still recommend it nonetheless.

When the finale was over, I said to Erika, something to the effect of, “Too bad there’s not another season for us to watch.” She advised me in the way only a wife of 15 years could that there was no way to do another season. I then proceeded to explain all the ways there could be another season with plot points and potential episode summaries. After a few minutes, she declared that I was giving her a headache and flippantly told me to write a book about it.

The gauntlet has been cast. If I were to write something, it would likely start like this. I don’t know the finer points of fan fiction or copyright, so I’ll just say this is a work of my own and all the characters and the cool image is owned by whomever owns them, so no one sue me or anything. Here’s 1167 words:

* * *

Duncan Carlisle stared out the window of his cell. He hadn’t received any visitors in the four years of his sixteen-year prison sentence.

“Inmate 47326.”

Duncan saw a pair of eyes through the steel door of his cell.

“Step up to the line.”

Duncan glanced out the window, noting where the sun was in the sky. He complied with the guard’s request.

“Place your arms through the gate.”

Duncan positioned his back to the door and slid his arms through a steel gate. He winced as the shackles were tightened on his wrists.

“Place your forehead against the concrete.”

Duncan sighed, but once again, he complied. He heard the lock click and the steel bolts retract from the frame. He closed his eyes as the guard shackled his legs and attached Duncan’s wrist shackles to the ankle cuffs. A black hood was placed over Duncan’s head and he allowed himself to be led away by the guards.
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