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16Sunsets is up to 8575 words written. Pretty soon, I’ll hit 20% of the minimum word count to be considered a novel (that’s 50k for those of you who need to know.) There’s so much stuff I need to fit into the story. Now that the cover is done, I’m itching to write this thing. Click on the “16Sunsets” tag to read the nine installments so far.

I was toying with the idea of producing some very limited edition compilations of some of my digital-only stuff and other short stories. I may select some flash fiction items so let me know in the comments which ones I should include. There’s a “flash fiction” category for those.

For those of you who have access to a local library, head over there when you have a spare moment and request Forlorn Hope or Body Rentals. The paperbacks of both those books are offered at severely discounted prices to libraries.

Champion Standing has been finalized and proofs are in the mail. Preorders will start on October 15th with a release date of Friday, January 2nd, 2015. Champion Rising is still planned, but as I’ve said before, it’s on hiatus while I work on 16Sunsets.

Finally, for those of you looking for flash fiction prompts, here is a list of sites to check out:
Sunday: Sunday Photo Fiction
Wednesday: Thain in Vain #FFC52
Thursday: Woegman’s Tropetastic Thursday
Friday: Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds
If you know of any writing prompts on Monday, Tuesday or Saturday, mention it in the comments.

Rambling Pen


I received a shipment of my books to be distributed to a local indie bookstore. If you are in Prescott, Arizona, drop by Peregrine Books and pick up a dead tree version of Forlorn Hope or Body Rentals. Arranging a book signing there for Champion Standing is on my “to do” list, but I’m just so busy with everything. I also autographed a few books for people who have supported various projects I’m working on. The progress on The Afflicted and Champion Rising has stalled so I can work on 16Sunsets. I had originally planned on writing sixteen 1,600-word chapters, but I suspect it’ll end up being longer. I haven’t talked to Telly lately about Soulsmith, so I can’t let you know much on that project. Champion Standing is off for the final edit. I’m expecting it to be published in January instead of February, with advance reading copies available in October or November. I’d like to launch with a bunch of reviews, so those of you interested in an ARC for a review, let me know. I expect inks from Joel for 16Sunsets by the end of the week, perhaps the following week. I’m lazily working on the Paradox audiobook. I’m finding it difficult to maintain focus on it. It’ll still get done, I’m just not sure when. Technophobia is super difficult to work on since I’m chained to antique technology to produce it. It’s much easier to pull my phone out of my pocket and tap out a few sentences. Finally, updated print versions of Forlorn Hope and Body Rentals will hit the distribution channels on Monday. Electronic versions will be up on Amazon sometime tonight. Kobo and B&N have been the worst for purchases – I’m not sure if those platforms are even viable any more.

Enough rambling for today, so I’ll just close the post with this: B.J., I got pages for you to look at tomorrow and welcome to the blog.

Now Available on Libiro


Body Rentals and Forlorn Hope are now available on Libiro, the “Truly Independent eBook Store.” Same prices as everywhere else and since they are in the United Kingdom, readers there can support a “local” business. ePub, mobi and PDFs are available from Libiro. Other than purchasing your eBook directly from me, Libiro has the best author royalty.

The cover images below are clickable to the Libiro store:

Body Rentals Forlorn Hope

IBR Interview

Arrington Flynn of Indie Book Rebels interviewed me today. It was a fun two hours and the time flew by. I read excerpts from Paradox and Champion Standing. We talked about Forlorn Hope and my flash fiction. Here’s the link to listen:


For the next 24 hours, if you pledge $10 or more to the Champion Standing Kickstarter Campaign and send Arrington an email with the name you pledged under, I’ll send you an eBook of Body Rentals with the bonus stories, Pithos, Tyrant, Busted and an unnamed Body Rentals story.

Indie Book Rebel Interview

IBR icon

I was interviewed yesterday by Arrington Flynn at Indie Book Rebels with V. M. Black and caller V. M. Jaskiernia, both paranormal romance authors. I felt a little out of place being a Sci-Fi author, but when do I let something like that stop me? The show was two hours and I was there for about the last forty-five minutes. I got to do the inaugural “lightning round,” which was a three minute blurb and excerpt.

If you have forty minutes, check it out:

Forlorn Hope Dream Cast

It’s been a week since Forlorn Hope was released. If I were asked to cast the thing as a movie, these are the people I imagine each character to be:

Scott Bakula

Garret would be played by Count Bakula, I mean Scott Bakula. Best known for his roles in Quantum Leap, Enterprise, Men of a Certain Age & a season of Chuck. I’ve always liked Bakula and I imagine the clean-cut look from Enterprise and the crazy antics from Chuck.

Beth Reisgraf

Anna would be played by Beth Riesgraf. She played the thief, Parker for five seasons in Leverage. Her character in Leverage had a detached persona, often saying and doing things we all wish we could do. A few episodes over the five year run she showed a sort of sinister side which is perfect for Anna.

Adam Baldwin

Adam “not related to the Baldwins” Baldwin would play Colonel Mathers. Baldwin seems to be type cast as a gun-toting, duty bound military officer. I enjoyed his single-mindedness in Firefly and the character of Colonel John Casey in Chuck. Unfortunately, Baldwin hadn’t aged well in recent years, but I think this makes him more believable as a career military officer.

Jason O'Mara

Sergeant Wilkins would be played by Jason O’Mara. Roles of his I liked were in Life on Mars (US) & Terra Nova. He would act as an amalgam of the characters he played in both those series. You really got to see his subtle sarcasm in Life on Mars which is perfect for Sergeant Wilkins.
I’m not gonna say who I think should play Bear or Willow. Do you agree with these castings? Who would you suggest? Am I just full if crap?

Forlorn Hope Available Wednesday!

Forlorn Hope

I’ve not posted since before Christmas. Chuck didn’t do a flash fiction challenge last Friday and I’ve been busy with the holiday rush.

Forlorn Hope goes live on Wednesday. I’ll push it along the distribution chain tomorrow after I get home from work. It may populate early a few places and others depending on time zone.

Champion Standing is out to six beta readers. I asked them to have it back by the last week of January. Then I’ll start the second revision. I’ve discussed artwork for it with a local artist and hope to have something to show you all when rev2 starts.

Escape is still hanging around. Its hard to get beta readers for that one due to the violence.

I’ve been kicking around more in the sugar zombie world. I’m trying to get permission for the contributors on “Apocalyptic Bounty Hunter” to continue on it and integrate it with Welcome Home and Strawberry Roulette.

Other than that, classes start next week, so you know the drill: fewer posts.

Forlorn Hope Proofs

I received my proofs for Forlorn Hope yesterday. You can preorder the digital versions from Apple and Kobo. Only twenty-one days until launch.


Body Rentals is pretty poopy! I’ve been in Paradox mode for awhile now. It was finally time to fix Body Rentals. I got the manuscript back from Jennifer and she identified over five-hundred edits! I looked through it and saw another hundred or so that weren’t specifically numbered by track changes. I’ve been editing Body Rentals all week. The plan is to release a second edition with the new edits and redo the headers and formatting with the font I had originally intended for chapter titles. It should be out during the month of November. After that, it’s all about Forlorn Hope.
I expect Escape to be out summer 2014. Perhaps 2014 will see the second Paradox book. I’ll spend the entire summer working on the novel to be released in 2015. I’m too lazy to look at past posts to see if I let you guys know this, but I’m using the Coffee Punk flash fiction and a few other flash fiction snippets to create this novel. I’m referring to it as Coffee Punk, but the actual name is to be determined.


It’s midterm week. In one of my classes I’m a fraction of a percentage below an ‘A.’ In another, I’m confidant I’ll be getting an ‘A.’ I’m looking forward to fall break. Fall break will end with Paradox being complete. A second edition of Body Rentals will be done as well. As you already know, Forlorn Hope is done and done – I’m having difficulties waiting until January to finish publishing.
Next summer I’m going to try something different – My first novel-length story. I’m cheating by writing three or four novella-length stories and interweaving them. We shall see what becomes of it all.
I’ve been without internet and phone service for the last two days. I got my phone service back this morning, but still have no internet. Qwest / CenturyLink are really pissing me off. I had to deal with people straight up lying to me and people hanging up on me. The complete lack of customer service was exemplified when I was asking to be transferred to a supervisor and the guy said something like: “Before I transfer you to my supervisor, can I sign you up for DirecTV?” Of course I trust you with my television needs while I have no phone or internet. Anyway the saga continues.