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House of Cards, season 3


Thar be spoilers here.

I watched the first five episodes of House of Cards season 3 on the night of the 27th of March. I skipped my nightly routine of reading for two hours before bed to get up to five episodes. The following day my family left the house early so I would have the time to finish watching uninterrupted. (Although, one episode featured Tibetan monks creating sand art which Alyssa in her latest interest in world religions would’ve found interesting.) I finished up the thirteenth episode at 13:37 local time. The family reappeared at 13:40 and needed my help to carry in groceries.

I have to say; Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) had great performances in the first two seasons. I loved to hate and hated to love his character. Frank Underwood was beautifully written and the story was compelling. (I’ve always loved political intrigue.) In the third season, however, the character just wasn’t as interesting. There was the same flawed Frank Underwood from the first two seasons, but season three lacked a certain “brokenness” from before. I suppose it could’ve been the fact that at the end of season two he had finally seized the presidency, and the “goal” of season three (the passing of the AmWorks bill) was weak. I simply didn’t care if the bill passed. I also found that where Frank lacked the “brokenness,” the former Chief of Staff, Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) was too broken.

What character I felt truly shined, especially in the second half of season three, was Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). In season three her character started to overshadow Frank Underwood. I still felt that much of her character’s tribulations were weak. It wasn’t as if Claire wasn’t a strong female character during the first two seasons, but her role in season three just seemed more important and prominent. And that ending? Holy crap. The final scene of her leaving Frank and walking out the front door of the White House really made the season. Seasons one and two, I was looking forward to seeing what Frank would do next. For season four, I can’t wait to see what Claire does next, and how Frank reacts to it.

Anyway, I still enjoyed binging on season three. If you have Netflix and enjoy political thrillers, you should check it out. The next Netflix program I’m looking forward to is Daredevil.