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16Sunsets – Confluence – III


Major Jacob Globe stared at a looming forest. His R-C-M-P liaison stood in deference a few feet behind him. He held up a grainy image showing Kristof at the edge of these woods. Globe took a step towards the tree line.

“Sir,” the R-C-M-P liaison started with his best amicable smile, “I respectfully remind you that people have died from exploring this wilderness area unprepared. It’s unseasonably warm, and a lack of fresh snowfall has led more than one ordinary person to misjudge the difficulty of the ‘Great White North.'”

Globe turned to the young Mountie. “I’m not being frivolous. I’m no ordinary person.” He stepped away from the woods. “And this is no ordinary situation.”

“I understand, Sir, but there are millions of square kilometers here. Parts of these protected parks haven’t seen a human in years.”

Globe looked over his shoulder at the Canadian wilderness. “I’ve got to get my man, you know.”

The Mountie placed a hand of the Major’s shoulder. “If I may, Sir.” Globe nodded, so the young man continued. “You have considerable resources at your disposal.”

“You have no idea.”

“Yes, Sir, and I’m not privy to your organization or operation, but I’ve been instructed to allow you to operate in Canada without supervision.”

Globe smiled.

“It could take a team with the latest in surveillance gear more than two weeks to locate a single individual. And that assumes the individual wants to be found.”

Globe nodded. “I have at my disposal surveillance methods written about in science fiction.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Globe opened his cellular telephone. “Arrange for subject one-five-nine to meet me at my location.”

After he heard the response, he folded his phone and shoved it back into his pocket. He turned to the young Mountie and said, “Well, we’re together for the length of this operation. Where’s a good place to warm up?”

* * *

“What about Globe?”

Anne scowled, and looked at a map of lower British Columbia. “He’ll need assistance to locate anyone.” She waved her hand over the map. “I wish Bree was still with us.”

Justin nodded. “We’ve tried recovering her several times since her capture, but each attempt fails epically.”

Anne nodded. “Bree is a special little girl, but she’s easily swayed by trinkets and baubles.” Anne looked up to Justin. “Bree probably doesn’t want to be rescued by us.”

Justin exhaled sharply. “She’s gonna help Globe find Joaquin.”

Anne nodded. “We’ve got to find him first.”

“Why’s this kid so important?”
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16Sunsets – Acquisitions


Anne attacked her steak with malevolence and a fork and knife. She admitted to herself that the steak was pretty good. She wouldn’t have discovered this place if she hadn’t had business there. She knew she’d never come back to this place, but still…

It’s refreshing to be surprised every once and a while, she thought.

Anne dabbed her lips with a napkin. The steak stained her lips red, which was a welcome change from her red lipstick. She swallowed and took a long pull of the regional beer to wash it down. She let out a belch and feigned embarrassment.

Massey laughed. “You’re starting to fit right in here, Miss.”

Anne turned to Massey, a modest piece of steak impaled on her fork. “You know my name, Frank. Do I need to get rough with you?” She made a stabbing gesture with her fork and impaled steak.

“Sorry,” he replied and looked down at his own cleared plate. “Hazard of the job, I guess.”

Anne stuffed the fork in her mouth, and with her piece of steak causing her cheek to bulge, she continued. “And what is it you do, Frank Massey?”

Tony took that moment to interject himself. “Frank here’s the local lawman,” he said with his best southern drawl.

Anne raised her eyebrows, and Frank gave Tony a look only friends of indeterminate length could manage.

“I’m a detective with Metro P-D,” he replied. “And you, Anne Henderson?”

Anne swallowed, drank another mouthful of her beer and cleared her throat. “Acquisitions, mostly.”

“Acquisitions?” Frank asked before looking up to Tony who had suddenly busied himself with another patron who was working through his seventh cup of coffee.

“Yep,” she smiled. “Things, people or information. I acquire them all.” She looked directly into his eyes. “I always get what I want.”
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