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Moonrise CH31 – Flee


[1060 Words – Prompts: Inspiration Monday, #3WW, #SoCS, Write Anything]Joaquin rolled on his stomach and pushed himself up with arms that almost refused to follow his commands. His body hurt. His head swam in a sea of sound and noise. His vision was blurry, but he was all right. The desk, however, was slowly catching fire, the plastic of the keyboard melting with a foul smell. Joaquin quickly crawled to where Andy was lying motionless and shook him.

“C’mon man, get up!” he hissed.

Andy’s fingers were charred black where the short circuit bang had hit him. A thin trail of blood was running from his nose, and when Joaquin felt for a pulse, he found it barely noticeable. He flipped Andy over and dragged him away from the growing flames. Once Andy was safe, Joaquin pulled the blanket from the bed that appeared to be free of debris and tried to snuff out the rapidly growing fire. Someone banged on the door. Sirens already blared in the distance. Help had arrived.

Another round of banging on the apartment door was followed by a gruff voice, “This is the FBI, open up!”

Joaquin froze. He assessed how bad the situation was. Andy was lying on the floor barely alive, the apartment was full of evidence from the SuperHub that could hurt a lot of specific innocent people, and Joaquin had one of those faces the cops found intriguing. He remembered what Massey had said about being followed. The SUV in front of his house wasn’t a coincidence. Only it had followed him and not Betty. Joaquin had carried the stolen evidence right here incriminating Andy too.

“Last warning, open the door, or we’ll be forced to break it down!”

Joaquin had to think quickly. If these were Globe’s men, he had to ditch them. He went back to where Andy lay and searched his pockets for his car keys.

“I’m so sorry man. Shit!”

He took one last look at Andy and charged for the door. It broke quickly under his weight slamming down two men in civilian clothes holding guns but no badges. One toppled down the stairs, and the other smacked his shoulder against the wall, losing his gun. It was tempting for Joaquin to try to grab it, but the man was quick to recover and grab Joaquin, twisting his wrist and pulling him back. Joaquin stumbled on the stairwell landing but managed to connect an elbow to the FBI agent’s face, pushing him back. The other attacker crept up the stairs and punched him in the kidney, and Joaquin nearly took a knee. Leave it to the FBI to sucker punch a brother, thought Joaquin.

The FBI agent used his strong arms to grab Joaquin from behind and lock him in a painful bear hug and turned the struggling Joaquin toward his partner. Joaquin struggled to twist his head back and spit at the grunts, and offensive words yelled in his ear, but the other FBI agent had already dismissed his split lip and bruised chin and attacked his prey, fueled by anger. Joaquin made an attempt to duck, but the strong fist met his face nonetheless, hitting him under the chin, bouncing his head back. He found his footing soon enough and pushed himself up against his captor’s chest using him for support. His kick landed in the stomach, and the FBI agent doubled up. The force pushed the other one back inside the burning apartment, and Joaquin managed to wrench himself free and distance himself from the agents. He made quick time in grabbing the lip-bleeder and pinned him against the wall in a constant rain of punches aimed at his ribs. Joaquin could almost feel the bones cracking under the layer of clothing and skin. When the man slumped down, wailing, he kicked the man in the stomach. Joaquin paused as a flash of guilt washed over him and then made his escape down the stairs.
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Nala’s Story, Conclusion


[505 words – Word-A-Week]Nala watched Shui’s chest rise and fall a few times before she placed her free hand gently on it. “Shui?” She whispered.

His eyes opened, and she witnessed a sliver of surprise before he grinned. “Yes?” He replied.

Nala took a breath and held it. She looked away from his eyes and bowed at the waist.

“What are you doing?” He asked, not bothering to conceal his surprise.

“I am sorry, Mi’Lord.”

The words felt strange in her mouth, but she knew they were the right ones. They were words she should’ve said before, but even without seeing the murderabilia, she had been blinded by rumor and conjecture. She had allowed hearsay to taint her perception of a man she had suspected of being pure of heart.

“I am sorry for my assassination attempts. I am sorry for the cruel things I have said. I am sorry for the misery I subjected you to…” Her voice faded and was caught in her throat. “I will understand if you do not wish to see me again,” she finally said, “but I will atone for my behavior.”

Shui responded with silence. Nala wanted to meet his gaze, but the knowledge of her wrongdoing sapped her courage.

Her courage might have faded, but her mind was sharp. Shui had never shown malice. He couldn’t have been capable of the worst humanity had to offer. Nala hoped he would forgive her.

She knew he would forgive her.

It was present from their first encounter: kindness.

She saw it each time they met. She heard his kind words. She felt his kind presence.

“Look at me, Nala,” he finally said.

“No, Mi’Lord, I can not.” Her protest was barely audible, but she couldn’t come so far and not follow through.

Nala slowly lifted her head and met Shui’s eyes.

His eyes locked with hers. He searched her, his eyes conveyed something Nala couldn’t quite place. She felt self conscious. He read her soul she finally bared to him. He could see the turmoil of emotions: guilt, shame, loss, fear and confusion.

At that moment, she was at her most vulnerable. The honesty of the moment eroded her mask of strength. Shui’s pull on her intensified. Nala was incapable of escape.

Why do I feel this way? she asked herself.

She knew why. She had felt it for some time. Only in this intimate moment with him could she start to admit it.

“I understand,” he replied and squeezed the hand intertwined with his.

She looked into his eyes, and she knew.
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