Skyland Glitches

I’ve beaten the story mode on PS3 and the WiiU. (One of those was twice because the game glitched out and stopped adding characters to me collection.) I’ve three-starred all the story levels and add on levels. I’ve beaten all those levels on “hard” mode. All that’s left to do is beat all the levels on nightmare mode.

Let’s talk about the Tower of Time add-on level. It is so completely glitchy. The first time it glitched was during the water works. I don’t remember the specific glitch, but I had to reset my PS3 and lost all my progress. Today, my daughter and I wanted to finally beat it in nightmare mode. We completed all three works and the first battle in the tower. The stupid door closed, separating us and my character fell off the lift. Of course, my falling character died and respawned in mid air. Then of course, she died and respawned in mid air and we fell until the game crashed.

Hey Activision, how about you test a game out before you release it? I suppose it wouldn’t be as bad if there was a checkpoint after each gear, but now I have to go all the way back to the only level checkpoint before the second gear! Nightmare mode plus game ending glitch equals rage quit.

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