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Asian Spec Fiction Sale

Hey, everyone! I’m participating in an Asian speculative fiction promotion this weekend. There are over thirty asian books available for only 99 cents, including my own wuxia novel, Champion Standing. JC Kang put the promotion together, and you can check out the other 99 cent stories here: http://jckang.info/index.php/promo/ Be sure to support all these wonderful authors. There are Asian fiction works for all tastes, so make with the clickity click.

Champion Standing Audiobook Kickstarter Campaign

About this project

Author Mark Gardner and narrator Edoardo Camponeschi are teaming up to bring fans of Wuxia an exciting new audiobook adventure with Champion Standing.

What is Wuxia?

Wuxia (武俠) is a Chinese form of literature that has branched out to film and video games. Wuxia is full of martial arts, sword fighting, and a code of honor. Martial arts novels and movies are nothing new in the west, but author Mark Gardner has stuck with the traditional Kishōtenketsu method of storytelling.

Who is Mark Gardner?

Mark Gardner is a short fiction author living in Arizona. Primarily, he focuses on science fiction, dystopian, and flash fiction. Popular works Mark has worked on are the post-apocalyptic Forlorn Hope, the body-swapping technothriller, Body Rentals, and the upcoming War of the Worlds sequel, Retaliation. Mark’s body of work has four-star ratings across the board on Amazon, and two audiobooks are already available.

Who is Edoardo Camponeschi?

Edoardo Camponeschi is the head of the menestrandise recording studio, which has produced English-language audiobooks such as:

Insania Æterna
Silence on Monte Sole
The Svalbard Passage
Blood Soup
Kewu Renegade Alien
Hello Darkness
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Champion Standing Goodreads Givaway


Hey, y’all. I’ve been lacking on keeping the blog updated during November, but long-time fans already knew this would happen. There’s just so much to get done this month, including giving away an autographed copy of the small-print edition of Champion Standing. I’m doing a giveaway at Goodreads, and I hope this will net me a few reviews, and/or get some well-needed exposure. It runs through next Wednesday, to coincide with the ending of my Kindle Scout campaign for 16Sunsets. The giveaway is limited to US addresses, sorry fans across the pond. I’ll see what I can do for a UK-specific contest at a later date.

New Champion Standing Book Trailer

I’m going to be doing a Kickstarter campaign pretty soon to raise the money to pay Edo Camponeschi to narrate the audiobook. I’m gonna need a little over $1,000.00 based on the number of finished hours ACX says it is. Here is the latest trailer, with Edo narrating, and he also did a short sample narration here.

Champion Standing Audiobook


I found a narrator that is perfect for Champion Standing. I found him on ACX, but because he’s not in one of the countries that ACX supports revenue sharing. I’m probably going to try to run a kickstarter campaign to raise the money for the audiobook. He’s done a few auditions for me, and I wanted to share this one with you. It’s an old flash fiction that was rewritten to go in Champion Standing. Do me a favor, and after you’ve listened to this, sound out in the comments – thoughts, opinions, Kickstarter advice, etc. The text to read along with is below the audio. You can download the mp3 here.

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Excerpt Video

So, indie authors recording themselves reading excerpts of their books on youtube is apparently a thing. I don’t know if anyone will be enticed to read my book based on my excerpt, but here it is. I’m reading from the last paragraph on page 154 of the hardcover. While you’re at it, how about a vote on Inkitt for Champion Standing? I also need some reviews on Amazon, so let me know if you’d like an electronic review copy.

Champion Standing Hardcover


So, I’ve been working on this off and on during the month of May. Yesterday I looked at a calendar and realized May is almost in the can, and I needed to have everything for the hard cover of Champion Standing done before June. Above, you’ll see a draft dust jacket for it. This week should see it finalized, and sometime in June, it will be available for purchase. I’m excited. There will be an update to the trade paperback in June for sale in July.


I had some cards made up. I was tired of not having anything to give someone when they asked me about my works. Unfortunately, something went screwy at Vista Print, and the QR codes don’t work. I’ve emailed them, and I believe they’ll stand by their 100% guarantee. I’ll not have the new ones before Phoenix Comicon, but these will have to do until they’re replaced.

Champion Standing Expanded Availability


Hey all, the exclusivity agreement with Amazon has expired, so Champion Standing is now available in ebook here:
Barnes and Noble
Apple should be along shortly, because, ya know, they’re Apple.

Champion Standing out now!


My regular blog followers already know this, but my debut novel-length fantasy novel is available now. $4.99 for the eBook and $9.99 for the dead tree version. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can get it free until April. Because of a distribution glitch, the paperback is currently a buck off on Amazon. Get it at the discounted price before it’s fixed. Most of you already know the synopsis, and have seen the trailer, but if you need a refresher, click on “Works” above, or just go to Amazon:


I took Anthony to see the early showing of the final Hobbit movie. The rest of the day, I spent here:
I did another Champion Standing trailer, but after everything was done and it was uploaded I decided I didn’t like the font.